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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little bit of everything

Home is so much more than just a physical place- Thomas Kinkade

Hi Ladies, I have a few minutes here, so thought I would drop a little note. Hope this finds you all doing well. I am doing great, been busy with work and such, and the weather has been cold. The last two mornings I have came into work late because of the snow and ice. But I did make it here. This morning was a real chore getting my car cleaned off, but I managed, with Michael's help. What a sweetie.

Due to the weather last night, Tori's cheer competition for regionals was postponed...guess when they rescheduled it for. Tomorrow night...On Valentines night. Guess it isn't a big deal, cause I am not sure what was really going on, but had thought about ordering Chinese (Michael loves it) and put some candles out and sit and cuddle and watch a movie. We were going to be alone, as all the kids had plans already. Now we will be watching my little Valentine cheer her heart out. Oh well, I always enjoy watching her cheer, and if they place then they are on to State. She and her father are going to Kentucky in April for their cheer camp. She is so excited. She loves the Kentucky wildcat cheerleaders, they have won the title something like 16 out of 17 years. It should be a good time for her, as well as some bonding time with Dad because with that she has going on these days she doesn't have much time to spend with him.

With the upcoming three day weekend, I am hoping to get lots accomplished. You would not believe my list of things to do. I have a little project list for Michael of odd jobs that need to be done in the house, and I want to work on some more web projects. I have a list started that I keep adding to. Plan to get both the blogs updated, and then the cooking/recipe one started and up. I have been working on my Master Menu List and a Daily Schedule too for my HMB. Although I still need to complete the prayer journal. SO my weekend is going to be full.

Got a question....I have asked several friends if they have any idea how to protect our images on blogger, and we can figure out how for the sidebars, but not the center column. Any ideas?

I know this isn't pretty, because there is no graphics...but don't have any on this computer...soooooo maybe next time. Thanks to everyone that has commented on this blog and how much they like it. I have gotten some truly wonderful emails and I appreciate them all.

Please keep Michael's mom in prayer if you don't mind. We both do appreciate it more than you know, and we have informed her that I have my blogging buddies keeping her in prayer. She says "Thanks".

Hope to get around and visit with you soon.

God Bless!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Cindy! It's late on Thursday but wanted to try & visit before the day was done. Hope your evening was nice, even at the cheer competition. You're a great Mom and I'm sure Tori appreciates you very much (as does Michael!)

    Enjoy your 3 day weekend!!

    Hugs xo

  2. Hi Cindy, I am praying for Michael's mom. I enjoy your colorful blog. My soft cast is off! Now I just have a brace. I was able to get some work done today. Now I am so ready for bed. Have a great long weekend. Hugs


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