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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A giveaway

Karen at The Bearly There Primitive Bear is having a giveaway, Give away arrangement and if you like kitcheny gadgets and Christmas goodies, then you will like this giveaway, it’s all rolled up into one.  Take a peek at what the winner will get.  Is this the cutest little arrangement for your country kitchen.  Simply adorable. 

Now scoot on over to see the rules to enter and the deadline. 

Go on now, skidaddle on over to visit with Karen.


Christmas hugs,


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to decorate Sugar Cookies


"I sure do like those Christmas cookies, Sugar!
I sure do like those Christmas cookies, Babe!
The ones that look like Santa Claus,
Christmas trees, bells, and stars;
I sure do like those Christmas cookies, Babe."

sugar cookies

taste of home sugar cookies 

 Christmas Hugs,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our craft session

Here we are making our coasters that I had on my “to do” list…

Traci shows you a wonderful tutorial over at “Beneath My Heart”. Check out her blog, it is great!

Mom and I getting our tiles ready.


Tori and Steph (my future DIL) working on getting their tiles ready.





And of course, silly me forgot to take pictures of the finished product.  Actually they weren’t ready to be put together when I went to bed, and the girls were gone and so were their coasters then the next morning.  I will try to get some pictures.  I think Tori or Steph has some and then I will post them.  There’s turned our very pretty. 

Today we planned on having another crafting session today, but the girls didn’t make it over so guess I will try my hand at the Christmas wreath sometime this week.  I spoke about it on my Christmas blog, you can find it here.  Eddie Ross offers a tutorial here for the wreath.

Until next time,


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pictures as promised over Thanksgiving


20091205_38 I’m finally back…wow what a week…I spent the first part of the week finishing up my decorating for Christmas.  That took me two days, but I had lots of things that I decided at the last minute that I was going to do.  Originally I had decided I was only going to put  out a few things, since the house was on the market, but I decided that I still wanted more out.  Granted, I still have over 1/2 to 3/4 still in the garage…but I am now pleased.   But before I get into my Christmas pictures…I decided to share  some of my folks visit when they were  here for Thanksgiving.

Tori and Mark


Derek just hanging out!


This is my sick boy Wesley.  He had the swine flue and he didn’t feel all that well during Thanksgiving.  Thank Goodness he is much better now.


My parents with the kids.  Love this picture of them all.


While my mom and dad are here of course Mema and PopPop have to take care of their grandchildren and their needs…Right?

Well here is my mom making my son Derek, his favorite….Biscuits 20091205_76and gravy for breakfast….although in here she is actually making sausage.




20091205_78And no trip to visit would be complete without my parents making my kids several batches of Sausage Balls…he is my dad working up the batch.  


We truly had a wonderful visit with my parents and it was awesome having all my kids at home for 4 days instead of overnight.  I loved every minute of it. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No pictures, sorry!

Sitting here taking a break from cleaning my house.....you wouldn't believe the list I have for myself this week.  Got lots that I need to do.  But this morning, I got up and cleaned my kitchen and swept my floors, I really need to mop and vaccum but think I will wait until tomorrow to do that, because the weather is telling me that we are in for two days of rain.  Anyway, I finally got caught up on some blog hopping and it was great to see what everyone is doing to ready themselves for Christmas.  Giving me more ideas for projects to make and do...does it ever end.

As of yesterday I was laid off, with the prospect of going back to work sometime in January, but nothing for sure.  Anyway, so I am enjoying this time at home.  This is my favorite time of the year, when you have to be cooped up at home, watching Christmas movies, playing Christmas carols, and wrapping presents, plus adorning the house with the smells of Christmas. 

I did take alot of pictures over the Thanksgiving holiday and will try to post some throughout the next several days/weeks.  I decked most of house out for Christmas before Thanksgiving (which I usually never do) but this year things were going to be tight as far as time went...so thought it best to get ahead of the game.  Did anyone go shopping on Black Friday?  I did with my mom, but I didn't get much, nor did she....but we had a good time.  I really don't like spending alot of time in lines.  I love to go out during the season,because I just love the atmosphere but don't want to have to get anything.  So looks like most of my shopping is going to be done via the computer.  How bout you?

This past Sunday night, me and my mom and daughter and future dil worked on a little project and I will have to post some pictures of our time creating....so easy and we had a blast.  We are planning another crafting session again this Sunday afternoon....so be on the lookout of our projects pics.

Hope you all have a blessed Tuesday!
Christmas Blessings to you!!!



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