"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness" 2 Corinthians 12:9

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lazy Weekend

Happy Monday.  I sure hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I had a very leisure one.  Friday night I had the opportunity to go out to dinner with my folks and it was wonderful to just sit and catch up with them.  That is one thing that I have missed all those years of living away from home.  Just having the time to stop in for impromptu visits and grab dinner out.  Life really is about all the small things isn't it?

Saturday my folks were having some trees taken down on their property so I decided to run over there that morning to watch all the activity.  I had never seen one taken down and I was simply fascinated watching the guy in the bucket truck take down the trees.  After he finished, hubby decided to gather up some of the wood for our fireplace.  The fireplace in our home is gas, however we can use wood too.  Plus hubby is planning to build me a firepit in the backyard, so we will need wood so this is a good time to get it.
This is the back of the house, and eventually we will add a deck.
The back yard as it is now.  We are so excited that we will have room for a garden.  They have a small one (in the above pic).  We also will be adding a fence so that we can give our Yorkies, Barclay and Bella a place to play.
Saturday evening we went out and met up with some friends at the cutest and coolest little Ice cream shoppe. FB page here They have wonderful food and scrumptious desserts.  Had the best time.  This is a group of friends that travel together.  For those that don't know, after my dad retired from driving a truck, he started driving a tour bus and he loves it.  This is a group of couples that go on a lot of his trips with him.  Wonderful bunch of people.  Anyway, we meet every three months or so someplace and have dinner, go shopping of something. 

Sunday was a very rainy and gloomy day here, but we got some much needed rain.  So we were thankful.  Hubby actually came into work for awhile and I stayed home and worked on my bible study and  had my quiet time. I cherish  that time of the day when I can sit alone with God's word and spend time in prayer.  I've actually started coming into work early @ 7AM so that I can do my devotions and reading in the quiet of the office.  It always gets me off to the best start. 

I spent the afternoon in the kitchen baking some banana nut bread as my bananas were getting overly ripe.   Slicing squash to put in the freezer. And just puttering.  I really do enjoy being the kitchen.  As I was preparing my bread, I started thinking about all the goodies I want to make this Christmas.  I hate to admit how excited I am getting about the upcoming holidays.
We also got the results from house inspection.  Several things on the list that need to be taken care of by the now owners, but shouldn't be anything to major.  Hoping all goes well with the appraisal this week and then we will get our closing date.  Getting excited about that too. 
So that is a brief recap of my weekend, nothing fancy but fun and relaxing.  What did you do for the weekend?


Friday, August 15, 2014

Decisions Decisions


Hey y'all....I've been contemplating changing my blog again.  Thinking I would like to come up with a new name and look.  I would like something that would be a better reflection of me in this new chapter of my life.  Since I hope to be sharing more about my home (now that I will have one) and projects and homemaking etc...I want a different vibe.  However I still love the look and feel of my blog now, since I am not in my dream farmhouse I feel it is a bit misleading.  Maybe someday I will have that farmhouse...but if not I want to be content and happy right where God has me.    So my question is this.  Should I change it?  If so, what would you do? Suggestions are greatly appreciated.  What kind of things would you like to read about? 

Yesterday we had the inspection on the house and we are waiting on the results of that.  The bank has ordered our appraisal and once it is done, and if all comes back fine we will be ready to close.  Hoping for the first week in Sept..  We would really like to get moved in before things get really crazy here at work.  October is a busy time for us as we are in the insurance industry and we will start with all the open enrollments for healthcare.   Wow has this job opened my eyes to the needs everyone is faced with with affordable healthcare care. 

I must say that I am grateful and blessed to be working along side my hubby and have the freedom to come and go here.  I never dreamed we would be able to work together, but God has blessed this from the first day.  Can't tell you how happy that makes me and I love my job.  For the first time ever really.  God is so amazing in how he works things out.

My cup runneth over! 

K...now y'all put your thinking caps on and help me out here....


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Prayers do get answered!

Hello friends, I have been blogging for years, sharing parts of my life.  Things I love like my home and faith and family and such.  Although for the last several years my life has been in a holding pattern. (therefore no desire to blog) Since 2010 when I sold my home it seems like my creativity just stopped.  Even before selling my home, the creativity had stopped.  We spent 18 months prior to selling, remodeling the house for sale.  Since then I have been in a holding pattern.  One of my true loves is my home and all that that implies.  But since then, I have been living in rented places where my creativity has been staunched.  And I have HATED every minute of it.  Call me weird but when I can "play" in my house, I feel alive and so much more productive. Am I crazy?

Over the years I have been keeping  notebooks and pinterest ideas for just the right time. And guess what.  The time is finally come that the creative juices are starting to flow.  :)

I have gone from a divorced single mother of 3, to a married wife of 6 adult children and a grandmother to 4 adorable (1 in heaven) grandsons, and 2 precious granddaughters and another grandchild on the way, due in October, and also became a partner with my hubby in business.  So life has really took lots of twist and turns for me. Not to mention I relocated back to my home state of Kentucky to be closer to family (parents).  But through it all God has been faithful and provided for us not in our time but his. 

You may be asking yourself why all this information.  Well hubby and I finally bought our first home together.  (It's not our forever home) but one that we can "play" in with some home projects.  And we are beyond thrilled. So all this to say that I hope to be back to blogging in a more consistent manner.
We haven't closed yet on the house, but will soon and move in sometime in Sept..  I hope you will join me.





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