"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness" 2 Corinthians 12:9

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The time has come

for me to go back to work...starting tomorrow I will be back in the rat race.  Starting a new job and a little anxious about it.  I have really enjoyed my time at home over the last several weeks awaiting all the paperwork to be completed.  During this time off I have gotten alot accomplished at home.    We finally had a realtor come to the house on Sunday and we should have the house on the market by the end of the week.   Woo Hoo! 

Today will be full of running errands and taking care of a few last minute things.  Got to try to get myself back on my schedule of going to bed early and getting up early.  UGH!  I have really liked staying up late and getting up a bit later. 

DSC02241 Gonna grab some lunch with my best  bud, Donna.  We have such a good time together. And we don't get the opportunity to "do" lunch when I am working so going to take this opportunity before our schedules change again to do just that.

Wanted to share a few pictures that were made at Tori's graduation cookout.  Better late than never huh?

DSC02253 Tori and I

DSC02254 Me and my girl

DSC02258 Michael,Tori, and Me

DSC02280 Derek, Tori, and Wesley

DSC02308 Don, Tori, and Stepmom Colleen

DSC02348 Me, Tori and Don

DSC02352 Tori's cake and cap

Well now I need to scoot..hope you all have a great Tuesday!

Hugs to all!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Let the weekend begin

well here it is Friday and the start of another weekend.  I love weekends.  This week has been filled with a little of this and that, but didn't get nearly all done that I wanted to do.  Two days this week I suffered from horrible headaches and it really slowed me down.  Hoping that I can make up for some lost time over the weekend. 
I did a little shopping  this morning.  All because I needed to go to wal-mart. I've had a little running list and had to pick up a few things, most importantly a rod and some curtains for my sliding glass doors.  Granted I am not thrilled with what I got, but think I can make it work.  Light bulbMichael plans to build me a box to put over my door, and I am going to insert a tension rod with some curtains that I can pull to the side during the days.  He doesn't want to put holes in the walls for rods since he just incased them all with molding.  So it has left me with a bit of a dilemma of how to "dress them".  Hopefully my plan will work.
Whilst I was out and about, I stopped by the local goodwill storewhite-cake-plates and found me some goodies.  I found me a set of 4 little white plates ($3.00) that will be adorable with ribbons weaved through them.  Kinda like these.  I am looking for some cake stands like these too.  (Photo images from Layla Grayce) The thrill of a hunt. WinkLet's see what else lemon-fresh-inspirationdid I pick up.  I got bunches of decorative lemons that I added to my glass jar. But when I was looking for some inspiration I found this great shot and didn't realize you could do so much with lemons.   (Photo image from No Fuss Fabulous) Wow is there some neat things at this site. 
After a quick stop in the GW store, I ran to Marshall's.  I found the greatest little Chick thing bookread there.  What I have read so far is fabulous.  I think it is one of those books I will want to have a few of to pass out to friends.  It's called

" nesting it's a Chick Thing"

.  Can't wait to read it tips, hints, and stories.  As I was searching for this book on Chick thing book1Amazon, I noticed they have another one that I am definitely going to put on my "wish list".  It's a Chick Thing: Celebrating the Wild Side of Women's Friendship.  Looks like some good reading.
Guess I need to scoot, hubby just got home and now this little chick is going to get him to take her to dinner. 
Hope everyone has a awesome "Father's Day Weekend".

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whirlwind of activity

Hey ladies, Were do I start.  Over the last several weeks so much has been going on, and I have just been to tired to post.  Mainly because I couldn't put two sentences together to make any sense.  Not sure if this one will either but I just wanted to let you know what has been going on and what I been up too.

Things are coming along quite nicely on the house.  I just wish it was finished.  We are down to the little things now, but that seems to be front doortaking forever, mainly because we are tired and just don't want to spend anymore time doing it.  We finally got our new doors hung, and I love the front door.  It is so pretty, and it lets in so much light into a area that really has no light.  This is not a actual picture, but it is this door hardwarestyle.  I need to paint the door and we have to paint all the trim on the inside and out.  We  used a Ventician bronze hardware on the door and I am very pleased with it.  I can't wait until it is finished.  We also replaced our sliding doors in the family room.  Nothing fancy, just a  typical slider.

We also had our carpet laid upstairs and on the stairs.  Wow what a difference that made.  Ours was so bad, it was almost embarrassing. That took alot of work to get it ready for the carpet layers.  We moved all the furniture and also took up the old carpet.  Then of course, had to make loads of trips to the storage unit. 

CCCC grad My daughter also graduated from high school and Carroll County Community College with tori and chelsea CCCC graduationher certification  in cosmetology as a stylist,(the picture to the right is of Tori on the right, with her best friend Chelsea after graduation at CCCC)  and we had family from out of town here  for her graduation so I hosted a graduation cookout at the house.  It was alot of fun, and it gave us a chance to show off some of our hard work.

Tori also had her prom, I don't have any great pictures of her...but here are a few tori and markthat were made. 

tori prom

tori and Don prom Tori and her dadmom and tori prom Tori and I, me acting silly

mom and tori prom 1 Another shot, but not very good of me.  So between the house and activities going on with Tori, we have been busy.

This past weekend was the first weekend that we got away from the house and spent the day antiquing.  We had a blast.  I got several crossroads antique mallgoodies. We traveled over to Hagerstown Md. this weekend and scouted out "Crossroads Antique Mall".  Boy did we have fun.  This is a huge place even though the picture doesn't look that large.  There is also two other stores, one being a mall next door...but I had already been there.  Anyhow, a few things I picked up were...jade ite pitcher 

Jade-ite Fire King Pitcher-5 dollars, I also got a nice little saucer for 1.00 that matches this.



wooden checkersVintage wooden checkers for 5dollars. I have a collection of old toys, and these were awesome. In great shape.



wexford fiited claret wine glassI also have a extensive collection of Wexford Crystal and I found 4 of these wine goblets for 5.50.  Woo Hoo!



Well those are just a few of the goodies I got.  I also picked up some books, one was a Gooseberry Patch cookbook for 4.00. And you know how I love cookbooks.

Well this post is long enough but wanted to show you what I have been up too, other than just renovating.

Plan to post a few no so recent pictures on my Home blog shortly but they will give you a idea of the changes.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Moving right along

with each new day.  Ladies, I am so tired, but can't stop now.  Since my last post, so much has been happening.  My house is nearing completion and I am so happy about that.  Although this is going to be a very hectic and busy week.  In the last week we have gotten alot done. 

I had a little problem with the outdoor spiket on Wednesday and so we had to have the plumbers here on Thursday.  When I was leaving to go to Tori's graduation for the tech center on Wednesday afternoon, my tire got tangled in our garden house, and my car pulled it down the driveway causing the spiket to pull away from the house.  I had a gusher flooding my garage.  Now picture me, in dress slacks and heels running down to the neighbors house to find someone to help me.  I was beside myself.  My house was flooding and I was going to be late to my daughters graduation.  I wasn't real happy.  Needless to say, a gentleman from down the street came to my rescue, my hubby flew home from work and all was taken care of.  We had no water Wednesday afternoon/evening, but we weren't going to be here for the main part, so the plumbers came first thing on Thursday morning and replaced the damage I did and showers were had by all in time for Michael to go to work. ;)

My dear daughter graduated from Career Technologies on Wednesday evening.  She has been taking cosmetology classes for the last 18 months and working in a salon part time.  She took her board certification test a week before and last Monday we found out she passed.  So now she is a certified stylist.  She was thrilled beyond words.  This next Saturday night she graduates from HS.  I know this will be a sad day for me, my last child graduating from High School.  Seems like only yesterday she was starting school. Anyhow, my folks are coming up from Kentucky on Thursday to share the joy with us.  I am hosting a celebration cook out on Saturday before graduation for some family and friends.  Should be fun.  Although I think I must be a bit crazy since my house still isn't finished yet. 

On Thursday and Friday my new doors were hung.  I purchased a new front door and a new slider for the family room.  Boy what a difference that make.  Now I have to decide what kind of window treatment to put on the slider.  I just don't know what to do?  Please if you have any ideas I would love to hear them.  I need help and fast with this one.

This morning I had a man from Lowe's out taking measurements of all our rooms for the new carpet.  As it stands now they are coming out on Wednesday to install it.  Woo Hoo...after that, with the exception of a few little touch up projects that house will be finished.  It'll be time to put it on the market.

Over the weekend, we finished up some more yard work and powerwashing we wanted to do, plus my daughter had 4 softball games, one of which was a ALL STAR game which she played in and they won.  Just another busy week and weekend.  But this week I have to kick it into high gear. 

This morning I spent time in the workshop and garage sorting and organizing some of Michael's tools and such.  When you are remodeling you don't seem to have time between jobs to organize your mess, and before you know it, YOU CAN'T FIND ANYTHING!  So you go buy doubles and triples.

Tonight looks like a night that we will try to get some things back on our walls and tomorrow we will moving everything around upstairs to get ready for the carpet folks on Wednesday.  Believe me when I say I will be glad when this time next week rolls around.

Need to scoot, got lots to do today...so need to get started. :)

Hope your having a blessed day!




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