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Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's almost bed time

and I have everything done for the night...not bad and it's 8:00 so might get lights out on time. Let me first thank you all for remembering Michael and his mom in your prayers. All I can say is Michael has felt it this visit with his mom. He said they have had an incredible visit and she is dealing with things in a very realistic manner. I haven't spoken to him today for more than 10 minutes, but I am sure I will talk to him tonight before I go to sleep. All that I have gotten so far, is that she had her first chemo treatment yesterday and whatever oral medication they are giving her she didn't get nauseated. She felt good when she got home....only tired. They apparently sat up and talked most of the night away. Michael was up at 3:30 yesterday morning,so he was running on very low energy by the time he hit the pillow. Anyhow, he didn't expect her to get up this morning, he expected her to sleep in and she ended up getting up and they had another good visit. So from what I gather, this has been a wonderful trip for him and his parents. Please remember him in prayer tomorrow (Friday) as he is flying back home. I can't tell you how truly happy I am that he got this time and it has gone well.

Last night I didn't do a whole lot, just mainly spent some time surfing the net and reading my new book. I started a new book called "The Bishops Daughter" by Wanda Brunstetter. It is really good. It is the last in a three series collection. I also took a leisurelly bath....Calgon, take me away. It was so relaxing, I just lounged with all the bubbles and my favorite soaps. Then climbed into my bed with sweet smell of "Sleep Pillow Mist" by Bath and Body Works. If you haven't tried it, you must. It is heavenly. Love it! Derek and Nikki gave me that in one of my Christmas packages. Definitely something that I hope they keep in their line.

Tori is in Driving class this week. It's a two week class that is required by the state of Maryland you have before you are allowed to get your license. It is from 6:30-9:30 M-F for two weeks. She has one more class tomorrow night. I had to run out last night after nine to get her and by the time I got home it was nearing 10:00. So needless to say I was worried about not getting enough sleep last night....but gratefully God answered my prayers, and when the alarm when off
this AM I bounced out of bed all bright eyed and bushied tail.....well that might be a little much but you get my drift. Anyhow, God truly blessed me today with my energy level. Thank you Jesus!

Today I added a new little feature to my blog...did you see it? I added the Amazon wish list. Mainly so when kids or Michael or Mom or anyone says what would you like to have...I can point them right there. One feature that it has that I really like, is you can hide if it has been bought for your birthday or valentines, mother's day, etc. Kinda kewl....that way it stays a surprise. This is one of my wish list. I have another one for my homemaking wants. A girl can never go wrong with books right? I just wish I had more time to read. At the moment, I probably have 10 that I want to get too. All in due time.

Well ladies, tomorrow is another day and I need to scoot, At the moment, I am at peace, my home is clean, my mind is cleaned out of the clutter, and my heart is full. Call me blessed.

God Bless!

P.S. Hope to make some updates to the HomeMaking Blog this weekend. Thanks to those that left me a little note or emailed me. :)


  1. Happy Thursday Cindy! By the time you get this it will be Friday so I hope you slept well. Doug & I will be praying for Michael's safe return home.

    Your evening last night sounded so relaxing. I'll have to look for that B&B scent next time I'm there. I can never come to the States without going to B&B :-)

    Hope your Friday goes well & you're able to leap out of bed with the same enthusiasm it seems you did today - hee hee

    Hugs & Love xo

  2. Hi Cindy! Wow you blog looks great! You'll have to tell me more about your new program. You use it with blogger I see. I've sure missed visiting. Still will probably take a while since my computer is working so slow, but at least I can still get around. Love you my friend. Want to check out those printable sites you have listed. Love and ~hugs~

  3. Hi Cindy, it is just so cute in hear! I am glad Michael is spending time with his mama. I love long, hot bubblebaths, I plan to take one when I get this splint off. Have a great weekend! Hugs

  4. Hi Cindy!! I pray all goes well for Michael's mom.
    The bubble bath sounds heavenly and I would love to try that pillow spray!! I will keep it in mind!! Thank-you for mentioning it!!
    Have a nice weekend!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!


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