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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Different Day, Same stuff

Since I hadn't posted since Saturday morning thought it best to do a little update. We did go out on Saturday to look for my wedding dress and I am happy to report I found one. Yeppers I did. I had done some searches prior to going out and found one that was exactly what I was looking for online so wrote down the design number and when I went to our local bridal salon, they actually carried the designer and had that dress. I was shocked. I tried it on and knew that it was the one. My girlfriend went with me and she told me is was the 'one' too. I did try on some others but they were a little much, too formal. If it had of been my first wedding that would have been one thing but with this being the second, I was going for a total different look. The first dress was simply gorgeous with a long train but it looked so youthful and not me at all. Anyhow, I decided on the dress(the one I saw on the internet) that I wanted and paid for it. Much to my surprise, it was marked down 1/2 price. Wow! I was thrilled. So not only did I get the dress I saw and wanted, the local salon had it and it was 1/2 off. Can't beat that.I have to go in for my fitting on March 13th. WooHoo! So now I have to look for shoes and something for my hair. Thinking about wearing my hair half up and half down. But we will see. I am thinking that a pretty comb or decorative hair pins might be the way to go. Although I would love a simple little tiara. As for shoes, I want some simple but classic and comfortable. Since the wedding is in April, I don't think I will do open toed unless I just find some that I love.

In saying all that about the shoes, I might have to wait for a bit before I actually get some due to the fact while I was at the salon I stumped my toe, I heard it pop, and it is every color of the rainbow. I am not sure if it is broken or fractured but either way it is painful and sore. So now I am running around with tennis shoes on and my toes taped together. Call me grace. :)

I am in the process of making tons of list for our upcoming trip to Houston and Kentucky. I have so much to accomplish in a few short days so don't want to forget anything. Upon getting back home, I will be getting Tori's dress and shoes. She has seen some that she likes so will go and check them out. Not sure exactly what I want though, so this gives me a little time to think about it.

Enough wedding talk for now, on to something else. My sister is going in this morning to have sinus surgery. My folks are going down to Nashville to be with her, it will be done outpatient but they want to be there none the less. My sister has always had problems breathing so they are going to be doing a new procedure to help her breathe better and improve her quality of life. They said if this procedure didn't work they were going to do something different. Please remember her in prayer for a speedy recovery.

Today the weather here is raining and the temps are only suppose to be around 40. I am eagerly awaiting spring. Seems lately I haven't been to motivated to do anything, and I am eager to get some things accomplished. If you could only see my garage, but the weather has been so cold, Michael can't get in there. For a while he worked in there with a heater on, but that doesn't seem to help when the temps are down in single digits or teens. So hoping next weekend will be a pretty weekend so maybe he can get some things done out there. I haven't had my car in the garage since last fall. ;(

Hope you all have a great Tuesday and blessed week.

Hug and God Bless!


  1. Hi Cindy! I'm so excited about all your wedding plans:D You are getting so much accomplished in such a small amount of time! I love your organization.

    I think many of us are getting sick of the cold. Every single time we get the snow or sleet melted another storm moves in and makes everything white again. It happened yesterday--everything melted and then last night a squall line of snow moved through and everything is white again. But I think starting tomorrow we are supposed to warm up--at least temporarily. I'll be happy when April is here. Have a great rest of the week sweetie. Love ya! xo

  2. That is awesome news about the dress, not so about the toe! Oooh, I wish we could see it already, but April is not that far away, it will be here before you know it :-)

  3. Hi Cindy, we are having warm weather, in the 80's today. I am so excited for you and the wedding will get here before you know it. I bet you are so excited. Have a great week. Hugs

  4. It's so fun & exciting to be planning your wedding with you... sort of - hee hee. I love a good wedding :-) Part of me would love to be a wedding planner but that job would take up all your weekends so Mmmm maybe not for me! I'd never see Doug then. Now... had I been single & had any ambition... perhaps I should have ;-)

    Bummer about that toe, Pal! I hope it heals fast for you so you can get out there & find those perfect shoes to go with that perfect dress.

    I'll pray for your sister too. Any surgery is no fun! We'll pray it goes perfectly! Hugs xo

  5. Hi Cindy! Loved getting your notes the other day...I meant to come back and leave you a note here as well, but I only got as far as leaving one on your homemaking site. I hope your sister is recovering well, and I hope your toe is better! I'm so thrilled for you to have found your dress in such a fun way. That will be good memories to have. It sounds like you have lots of good help...I'm glad for that! Hey...I don't see any reason we can't find a way to get you an autographed copy of Molly's book. :) It's getting so close time really seems to be dragging til it is finished. I'm hoping to post later...or maybe tomorrow...I got great news at my eye appointment this afternoon. Hope you're having a great week! xoxo

  6. So excited for you Cindy! I just love the whole wedding process!

    Ewwww... POOR TOE! YIKES Bless your heart, hope it heals really fast! HUGS!


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