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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Going Hunting!

Yep, you heard me right....not hunting for animals, but THAT dress. Michael and I are going to hit the shops today in search of my wedding dress. Who knows what I will come home with or if I will find anything at all. We took Tori and Derek out to dinner last night , Wesley was working, and we stopped and looked at some dresses for her. She found several she liked, but because of the flower situation....I need to wait on her dress. I will have a better idea of colors for her after our trip to Houston this next weekend we are leaving friday after work and flying to Houston and then to Nashville on Monday morning and heading back to Baltimore on Tuesday.

Michael and I are flying in on friday night the 29th to spend some time with his mother and see how she is feeling. (she had another chemo treatment this week) and if she thinks she will be able to make the trip to Kentucky for the wedding. To check out the flowers and pick up my ring and possibly look for dresses. It will be a busy and hectic trip. When we stop in Nashville (Russellville, my hometown) We will visit with the pastor, and the group of ladies that will be helping my mom set up the church. I will speak to the florist, the hair dresser, caterers and the county clerks office. (which reminds me I need to pull out my paperwork to take to them...ie birth certificate, divorce papers, etc...)

In a weeks time, I have gotten the cake it will be ivory color with fresh flowers , caterer, church and pastor, flowers are in the process, so I think the only major thing not taken care of is the pictures....and if he comes down to it, I will just get a good friend to take tons with her digital and we will go from there. I don't have time to sweat all the stuff. I said that is the only one thing left, but actually we got to get dresses, line up hair and nail appts, and tuxes, and airlines and hotel accomadations for out of town guest. So as you can see I still have lots to do. Granted everything has been contingent on this trip to Houston, but once we get back things will be in full swing. I have been working on list, and Michael and I have to sort everything out on them.

We still haven't decided what to do about a honeymoon, we would love to go to the tropics but that means getting our passports and making sure that we both can get adaquet time off from work. My work has pretty much okayed everything so that shouldn't be a problem...but not sure about his schedule. Are question is do we take it now, or later in the summer. Guess time will tell. So even though we have some things done, we still have tons more to do....looking forward to having this all behind me soon. In seven weeks I will be married. That is so hard to believe.

Now, on to something else....several things actually. I was off yesterday due to the weather so I did finally make a entry to my homemaking blog. You can check it out here. Of course, I have list of things to do on it, but at the moment that is going to have to take a back seat, but sometimes it is nice to delve into that and get away from all the wedding preparations.

I also got news yesterday that Don's (my ex) grandmother (my grandmother in alot of ways) was rushed to the hospital late friday night with clots in her legs behind her knee. She is having lots of trouble with circulation and the surgery seem to help.....although yesterday he was called again for them to tell him that she was going in for another surgery (eventually they decided not to do the surgery because they thought her circulation was getting better and she was just not strong enough for another surgery if they didn't need to do it) . Apparently the top part of her heart is beating at a different pace than the bottom part. Never heard of this before, but she is in major pain and in poor health. I would love to ask you all to please keep Rilda (Real-da) in your prayers as well as the family. I would greatly appreciate you lifting her up in prayer.
Also, please keep Michael and I in prayer as we continue on in our wedding plans. Pray that this wedding will come together and that it will be a union filled with God's love. I really want this marriage to be one that glorifys God. Thanks!

Well ladies, I need to scoot, got tons to do today. Until next time...

God Bless and big hugs!


  1. Hi Cindy!! How exciting!! Have fun looking for a wedding dress!! That was probably my favorite thing when planning my wedding.
    I will keep you all in my prayers, I hope Rilda will be ok!!
    Have a nice weekend!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  2. I hope you find what you're looking for in the dress dept :-) Is Michael going to see what you pick? Or will he be waiting outside the shop?
    I'm sorry to hear about Don's grandma, I hope things improve for her and I will say a prayer - for Michael's mom too. Praying for wellness all around.
    Bigs hugs

  3. Hey sweetie! Just wanted to see how the wedding plans are coming. Sounds like you have everything in order :) The day will be here before you know it! Have a great and safe trip next weekend! Love ya! xo

  4. Wow..you have so much to do. WEdding planning is so not my thing. I hope you find everything you need! Blessings.

  5. Excitement abounds in your home and life, girlie!! I'm SOOO excited for you and your dress... ahhhh perfecto!! ;-)

    I will add Rilda to my prayer list and continue to life Michael's mom & family up too! And your wedding plans!! Enjoy the process ;-)

    Hugs xo


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