"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness" 2 Corinthians 12:9

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another Lazy day!

Do you remember these days? Your first crush at Valentines Day? Well it's that time to remember that special someone in your life again. I kinda feel like this little girl this week. With Michael being away for a few days last week, it gave me and always does a new perspective on our relationship and just how much he is a part of me. I missed him terribly. I am not sure what I am going to do yet for Valentines Day for him, especially with it falling during the middle of the week, but will try to do something special. I usually get my kids a small box of chocolates and a card. Nothing big. But I like to let them know that they are also my "little valentines" too and always will be. You got any special plans? Care to share?

I am feeling kinda out of sorts today....Can't really get myself going. I am sure it is partly because Aunt Flo came to visit and she always messes me up. Yesterday I couldn't get motivated and didn't get anything done I had planned, although I did get to Basket Bingo last night. Michael and I had planned on going with some friends so we kept that date, but I was dragging . It was at Tori's school to support one of their activities. Anyhow, I didn't play very well, got close a couple of times to winning, but didn't. Michael actually won a game but so did someone else so that had a play off and Michael got a consolation ticket. Which didn't get us anything. Oh well....but I had bought some raffle tickets when I went in, and look what I won. At the end of the night when they raffled off the baskets, I won this newspaper basket. I have wanted it for a long time, but never wanted to put out the money for it. So needless to say I was thrilled. It was filled with games. So I think I will keep the games and donate name to toys for tots at Christmas.

Well I had great intentions of working on my Homemaking site this weekend, but with the way that I am feeling I am not sure I will get to it. It is getting difficult to sit here for long periods of time. So depending on how I feel later, I might get to it and I might not. I am thinking about grabbing some meds and laying down to get the pressure off my back. Engross myself in some reading.

I realize this isn't much of a post, but I am hurting sitting here, so think I am just going to close...and just rest. All my thoughts are very cluttered at the moment so I know anything I write isn't going to make much sense.

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!


  1. Hi Cindy! We usually go see a movie for Valentine's or rent a DVD and get takeout or go to dinner. Nothing big, just something to recognize the day and to get out of cooking ;o) I love your newspaper basket! Enjoy your SONday sweetie. ((BIG HUGS))

  2. Hey Cindy! I'm having the same sort of weekend... lazy!

    Doug & I are going to tone down our Valentine's this year. When I was in Franklin I did find some cute heart-shaped pasts and today at church he was telling friends (while I was there) what type of dinner he'd like so I will make him a nice dinner. Since he's taking me on business trips and allowing me to not work, I told him that I don't expect anything but a nice card. He spoils me all year so I don't need anything big on the 14th :-)

    Hope your energy returns and you have a GREAT week!! Love ya xo

  3. Hi Cindy! It looks really cute in here! Just wanted to swing by! LOVE the basket that you won! Really cute!

  4. Hey sweetie! I hope you are feeling much better today. I hate when AF visits--always makes me feel out of sorts, too--although she hasn't been as bad since I've been dieting and exercising. Hopefully that trend will continue.

    We really don't celebrate Valentine's Day here, either. We think of it more as a "Hallmark holiday" and lately as a jewelry store holiday--a day for places like Zales to guilt guys into buying stuff, lol. I figure I can ask for jewelry any time I want ;)

    I hope you have a great new week hon! Love ya! xo

  5. Hi Cindy!! We will probably not do too much for valentine's day. We will see.
    Have a nice week!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  6. My hubby and I usually get gifts for the kids but don't really go overboard for ourselves. He has to work this year so the kids and I are going to my friends house to watch her 11 month old so she and her hubby can go out. :)

  7. Just wanted to tell you...I love that newspaper basket!! :) xoxo

  8. Hi Cindy, hope you are feeling better with less pain. I had my pain meds refilled today. I would be miserable without it. I hate to be so dependent on it, but moving about it painful enough with it let alone not taking anything. I hope you get some rest and start feeling better soon. I'm sure you'll find something really special for that special guy come Valentine's Day. *smiles* Love and ~hugs~

  9. Hi Cindy,
    I love visiting your site and reading your posts. I could just stay and wonder around but I have to get going too most of the time. One day soon that is just what I'll do. I have so much to learn too.
    I hope you are feeling better now. Hugs


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