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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Simple Pleasures-Sept 9-Flannel Jammies

Good Morning all…

sleepover flannel pajama


This morning I woke up too much cooler weather and it reminds me of one of my simple pleasures.  I {heart A} me some flannel jammies.

And to top it off, is when I can stay in them all day.  I must have  6 or so pair and every season I buy more. Guess you can say it’s a addiction.   In the upcoming months I will be spending ALOT of time in them.  Any time I am home I prefsimple pleasureer to wear them to anything.  They just say comfy!!!

So what is your simple pleasure today?  Join us at A Collection of this and that.  Thank you Dayle for being such a wonderful hostess. 

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  1. Love those jammies, I like them too but not sure about wearing them all day, I'm always worried someone will knock on the door! I like putting them on early though, after dinner and ready to just relax and watch tv. Have you seen the the Fall Nesting party going on here?

    I will start getting my decor out this weekend I think:)

  2. Nothing says, Fall like flannel PJ's. Pleasure?, yes, simple?, yes!
    Great post.

  3. I cannot wait until it gets cool enough to enjoy these! (I'm not very patient!) I agree with you on both points...getting to wear them AND getting to wear them all day!

  4. Ah yes...there are different kinds of flannel and some are better than others. It is so nice when one finds a really comfy pair.

  5. Oh yes!! You would think that living in south Georgia I would not have a "thing" about flannel, but I do. I wear mine as many months out of the year as possible.

    And if you're going to stay in your jammies all day, I say that flannel ones are the ones to do it in!

    This is why the Simple Pleasures party is so fun. People bring up things like flannel PJs, that I wouldn't have thought of. I get to hop from post to post just being agreeable!

  6. love those p'j's and love snuggly with the kids in theirs too. ☺

  7. Nothing like them! I can't wait to drag mine out this winter. We are in the South so it has to be almost January before I get to enjoy them.
    IN HIM,
    Stop by some time.

  8. We must be thinking alike. ;) I pulled out some flannels last night, even though it's nowhere near cool here. Just like how they feel and you're right about it being a simple pleasure. Love that!

  9. Flannel is definite winter essential!


  10. Ha! And I thought I was the only one who stayed in her jammies all day! I keep a robe handy just in case someone DOES knock on my door (not likely though!) Great Simple Pleasure!


  11. Oh I love cozy pj weather -- it's come to Nebraska, too!

  12. So sorry! Those 2 deleted comments are from me. I got impatient and kept pressing save comment -- and then it saved it 3 times. Serves me right for being so impatient!


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