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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy June

to everybody.  I can’t seem to believe that we are now into June.  This year is flying by.

I hope that everyone had a blessed Memorial Day weekend, with lots of love of family, friends, and good food, not to mention time spent to reflect on why we have such a holiday.

I would love to tell you that mine was ALL that, when in reality it was a very hard and emotional holiday weekend for me.  You see, on Friday after I made my Memorial Day post, I ended up having to take my family pet of 11 years to the vet, only to have her put to sleep.  (looking for pictures of her so that I can share some with you, but they are on my other computer) .   I spent a great deal of the weekend in tears and heartache.  But I know Mocha is in a better place with no pain.  She is truly missed.  The void in our home is very noticeable.  But with each passing day, I hope the sorrow is replaced with all the loving memories and time shared with her.  She was a sweet soul, and she loved people.  We rescued her from the humane society when she was just 2 weeks old…and she had a great life, for that I am thankful.  

Now, I need to move on, as I feel tears welling up in my eyes.

Hubby and I did get to get away for a day  with some friends which was a nice diversion.  Spent some time in Pa, antiquing.  Which is a favorite pastime for us.  I would love to say that we found lots of goodies, but we didn’t.  Not this time.   Seems like I am so cautious when I shop now, because I really don’t know where I am going to end up.  I am so ready to move, so that I can “play” in a new house.  I love setting up my home.  :)

I’ve got alot of things that I really want to work on this week…mainly to keep busy….but they are things I have been putting off for some time, and it’s time to get to them.  Hubby had a productive weekend around the house.  He painted the deck, cleaned out garage and sorted ALL his tools and gave them a home.  Now my car finally fits back in the garage.  Woo Hoo!  So my plan is to spend some quality time this week working on organizing my craft area.  That is going to take some time.  I really don’t have a room or anything, I have a little area in our basement workshop that is allotted for my crafts, and I have way to much for such a tiny space.  I need to come up with some clever organizing helps. Got any ideas?  Also, we still are in the decluttering stage of our basement.  But it is far better than it was. 

I am sitting amongst a pile of magazines, pads of paper, and have some major list making to do today…that is how I stay on task.  How do you stay on task?  How do you get everything accomplished in a given day?  I would love to hear your helpful tips.

Well, this is getting my day started, so I am going to scoot for now.  Hope to get around and visit with you all later. 

Have a blessed day!

Cin Sig


  1. Hi Cindy. I am so sorry about Mocha, it broke my heart when you talked about it the other day. I do not look forward to that day with my dogs.
    I too make lists when I have a lot I need to get done. Then I seem to do the quickest things first and mark them off. I think I read to do the more involved things first though. I just like to get things marked off my list. ;)
    Have a nice day sweetie!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  2. Oh Cindy, so sorry!! I know all too well what your going through and each time I tell myself, I'm not going through that again, but always do. A house just isn't a home without a dog to welcome you home. I highly suggest saving a dog from the many rescue sites on the web, they have one for every breed. After we had to put our last dog to sleep, my vet suggest rescue, so I looked up one for Mastiff's since we love them so much and one dog just stole my heart! After the process, we headed to Nashville to pick up Lou, and he's been the best thing we ever did! Hugs!!

  3. Hi Cindy;

    Oh my, My heart goes out to you on the loss of your beloved pet. I'm glad you were able to get away for the day with family & friends.

    I'm such an organized person that I have to do things needed to be taken care of in the order I see them. Living alone and in a small apartment there isn't much to change or take care of except to keep it clean and uncluttered.

    Have a blessed day my friend. Hugs

  4. Hi Cindy, my thoughts were with you all weekend, & I was praying (still am). I know it's so difficult to lose a furry friend. I pray that you can find comfort in all the sweet memories that you have of her.

    I'm also glad you were able to get away for a bit. Isn't it awful to want to buy, but feel like you really can't because you know you will be eventually moving? I remeber that so well with having been a military family. Have a blessed day Cindy. Lov you!


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