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Monday, June 21, 2010

My Monday

Happy Monday Morning everybody!!!!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and got a chancefathers day header 2.jpg to spend some time with that special “father” in your lives.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to  spend it with my dad, but I did talk to him on the phone, nor did I spent it with my hubby as he went to Houston to spend it with his dad.  Plus he got to spend it with his children.  So he had a nice day.  :)  And that is all that matters right?  I mean, it is their day!!!


Let me say “thank you to everyone that has left me comments or sent me emails” to my last post.  Your prayers, and concerns really mean the world to me.  Let’s just say that I am doing quite a bit better, I have taken action and started on some medication.  Which I can see a big difference already and it hasn’t been that long…so I know it will get better as time goes on.  The hopeless feeling has dissipated and for that I am grateful.  Each day brings new hope and excitement.  I can’t tell you how good that feels.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you all.

Since I had the weekend to myself, by the way it was a LONG three days, I missed my hubby hannah's dreamwhile he was gone, I had a chance to catch up on some reading.  I finished up “Plain Paradise”  by Beth Wiseman and “A Promise for Spring” by Kim Vogel Sawyer, (which I highly recommend both these books) and I’m now reading “Hanna’s Dream”.  Yet  another Amish fiction for me.  The book description states Set in the Amish communities of northern Indiana and Montana, Hannah Miller has just found a poem about love that stirs her dreams. Checking her past experiences with boys, no one seems to fit, especially not Sam. She had chosen him in the eighth grade only because everyone back then just had to have someone. With his mouth that always fell open when astonished, Hannah now looks for someone else. Feel the agony of mistakes, the burden of guilt, and one girl s attempt to make sense out of love. In this end, will Hannah go the whole way with the logic of her conclusions?”

I also had the chance to spend some time with my daughter and her boyfriend on Friday night, they came over to visit and it was such a wonderful treat to have them here, we didn’t do anything special just visited and watch some TV but it was WONDERFUL!  I loved seeing her and catching up with her. We talked about her recent trip to the beach, (wish I had pictures to show you but she hasn’t uploaded them yet) her work schedule, and just things going on in her life.  Then on Saturday night my son and his wife came over, actually we met for dinner and then came back to the house and just  chilaxed! It is one of the first times I have seen him since he got married and I loved having them here too.  I really do miss seeing my kids on a regular bases so it makes the time spent with them now even more precious.  They really made me one happy momma this weekend.  Thank you Wesley and Tori! 

I am suppose to have a lunch date with Tori and her boyfriend tomorrow, but other than that nothing is on the agenda.  Not really sure what this week holds in store.  I haven’t really kept up with my blogging or blog visiting, so I may try to catch up on some of that. Really need to scoot, want to spend some quiet time reading.  Hope you have a blessed  Monday!

Psalm 91:1“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

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  1. Glad to hear your doing better! We all need some "us" time now and then, it refreshes our world a bit!

  2. Good to hear that your world is looking a little brighter -- so glad to hear too, that you're taking care of yourself - sometimes that's easier said than done.

  3. Hi Cindy -

    I popped over here from the Amish America blog. Congrats on winning the book.

    I like your blog, and signed up as a Follower. You're welcome to check out mine if you're so inclined. On Wednesdays, I do book reviews and author interviews.

    Susan :)

  4. Glad you are feeling better already! I love Amish books so I will have to add those to my list of reading!

    I love visiting with my daughter and her husband too...I have two grandchildren that I enjoy spending time with too! :)

    Have a great evening!

  5. Happy Monday Cindy;

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend and are feeling better. I tried to leave a comment on your last post but your blog wouldn't let me in the 2 times I tried. I was happy It allowed me to today except it hesitated while the fonts changed. That's a new one on me.. LOL!!

    Have a lovely and blessed beginning of the week my friend. Hugs

  6. Hi Cindy! I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better. You can hear it in your 'voice' (writing). I love it!

    So glad that you got to spend time with your kids this past weekend too. That's awesome!

    Hope you have a blessed week. Sending you big hugs!

  7. Hi Cindy!! It seems in your writing that you are doing better. That is great. I know the feeling.
    Have a nice week sweetie!! ((BIG HUGS))!!!

  8. So glad to hear you're feeling better Cindy, I hope it continues that way for you. Great that you got to visit with the kids this past week too. I hope you can enjoy the rest of the week.... my days seem to be getting lazier and lazier, but that's what summer seems to be like for me ;-)

  9. Hi Cindi,
    I am so glad to hear that you are feeling so much better. Wonderful that you have gotten to spend time with your family over the past week. These times are something I so love too.
    Keeping you in prayer.
    Blessing and hugs.


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