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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm FLYing.....

How ya'll doin? Thought I would take a few minutes and share with you what I was up to last night. I know your just dying to know, right? NOT! As I have stated in my last several post, I have been feeling more motivated and energized in the last week or so, trying to use the time wisely. So glad for my list.

After getting home yesterday from work, I did lay down for a bit, but when I got up I tackled some more laundry. Almost done with it now. Tori is going to finish it up for me today after school. She goes half a day as it is the last day of school. So she is going to be helping me for a little bit.

Michael and I organized the downstairs pantry and it is FULL. I will have to try to get a picture of it. I can't believe how much food is in there. I plan to work on my upstairs pantry this afternoon/evening and then they will be complete. I picked up a label maker this past weekend to label some of the food keepers.Thought this might make it easier to find things. It's amazing how much faster and easier it is to do things when you don't have to battle with "clutter". Half the time it takes to do anything for me is finding what I need. So in my process of organizing I am cleaning out the clutter.

Michael did mow our lawn again. We have had so much rain this spring and early summer. He has really had to stay on it. But he has the yard looking nice. All my perrenials have come back nicely. Very full plants. Maybe this weekend I can get some updated pictures of the yard. I had wanted to dress up my deck so we could enjoy it, but it is just to hot in the evenings to be out there and sit. Not to mention all the bug bites. So think I will put that on the back burner.

On Saturday night we had some really bad storms come through and not so such it wasn't a tornado due to the fact that the house vibrated and the wind force was so strong that it took down part of tree on the side of the house, and took down one in my neighbors yard. We lost power for several hours. Found out later that evening that there were at least three live wires down in town. Anyhow, Michael got the debris loaded to the dump yesterday so that is no longer in our yard.

I am still keeping up with my little nightly rituals that I started several weeks ago and it is making life easier.I make my lunch for the next day and then my kitchen is clean and counters are wiped down, sink is empty (and shiny) of dirty dishes and in dishwasher when I head upstairs to bed. A quick pick up through the house on my way up the stairs, so when I come downstairs in the AM it is nice and tidy and lets me leave home with a great feeling to start my day with. I also get ALL my clothes out the night before and have everything ready when I get up. When I come home from work, no matter how tired I am when I take my clothes off, I put them in the proper place instead of creating a mountain of clothes to sort through on the weekend. Just these few little steps have made things so much easier for me. I also start laundry at night before going to bed and have Michael move it over in the AM and folded in the PM if there is wash that needs to be done, so it isn't piled over the weekend.

I am finding that with this system, it is leaving more free time on the weekend to do some other things without having the guilt of cleaning house. In times past, my weekends consist of one whole day playing catch up. This way, it doesn't take long to accomplish any of the things that need doing. I am sure some things will change next week though, as Tori is moving to her dads for the summer. With just me and Michael at the house, it shouldn't be to big of a mess. Or at least I hope so.

Well, need to get off here. Have a blessed Tuesday!



  1. Glad to hear you're 'flying' around sweetie. Hope you have a great week. I need to get in to some routine for summer now that Kristen is home all day.

  2. I was actually thinking of signing up with Flylady again. She usually gets me motivated. :)

  3. Oh another question: where did you find this template???? I love the 3 columns....

  4. Hey Cindy! Yep... I'm home... and have been for about 2 weeks... just really behind in blogging (which I finally did today ;-)) and getting myself back in the groove.

    You have sure been a busy little beaver. I'm glad you're feeling more energy! That's great news :-)

    I'll try & pop in more often. Hope you have a GREAT week!

    Hugs xo

  5. Hi you! I'm done with school, but it is crazy here now. Brian broke his arm on Sunday! Oh, I have moved! My new addy is http://laurascountrytimes.blogspot.com
    I always get my clothes out before I go to bed so they are ready for me. Ron and I are leaving on the 20th for Disney for a week. I can't wait! That is funny you were at Bateman's the day after! I love their crab soup! Have a good day and visit me at my new home! Hugs

  6. good morning Cindy,
    Found you blogger on your web site.
    I'm new at this blogger thing. Jennifer has a blogger (jennifercarrel.typepad.com) check it out. I visit it several times aday. She is over in Albania working in a orphanage. She left in Feb and will return in Aug. I miss her alot. I'm trying to set up myself a blogger site.

    I also get P31 (Prov 31) verse of the day. I'm doing a bible study on "Women in the Bible" and I go to Rachel Olsen blog. We have ladies all over the world communicating in this bible study.

    I decided yesterday to go to your web site and see if you had a blogger and you did. I love your ideas on getting organized I will try them out. Funny the night before I was cleaning out closets and drawers and the next day I read your post. I hate clutter also and the grandkids room is always a mess. I think I have just as many toys at my house as they do at their house. I love being a nana and having grandkids. I can say sometime they do wear me out, but I would not change athing.

    I did not know till I went to your blogger that you had gotten married congrauation. Tori is so pretty and grown up. Donna & Tommy (remember them from church) want Kevin & I to come there this summer. If things work out I will let you know and maybe we can see each other.

    Well I could go on and on but better get to work.
    Let me know if you get this like I said I'm new at this and not sure what I'm doing.


  7. Hi Cindy!! I am glad you are doing so well with your organizing and cleaning!! Yay!! Have a great day!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  8. Hi Cindy, it sure helps to get organized & remove clutter. I hope you're having a great weekend, hugs


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