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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Feeling Motivated

Hi dear friends, Big HugI have a few moments while I am siting here waiting for our dinner to finish.  This morning Michael put some chicken and rice in the crockpot so the biggest portion of dinner is done. (Decided I need to use this more often) I have it on now and it smells so good. I have made it my little mission this week to make sure I planned a dinner/menu. 

This has been a busy week but it has been a good one.  I feel much better this week than I have lately.  I have been consumed with overwhelming guilt because of the way things in the house have been running....but I feel like I have a much better handle on them this week.

I have incorporated the menu's and daily clean up as well as getting myself prepared the night before for work.  Those little things have made a big difference.  In the past I have done those things before, but because I am always so tired...I just let things go during the workweek.  Mainly because of my energy level....but several weeks ago I started taking some supplements and it's amazing how much better I feel.  Plus I am taking my lunch to work again and eating healthier.  Ever had the feeling of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.  That is where I was and had been for years.  When I spoke to my doctor about it, they would tell me nothing was wrong.  All my blood work always came back fine, etc....but it still didn't help that all I wanted to do was sleep.  I wasn't feeling depressed, just tired.  I just had no energy level. YILCH!  I just hope that my energy level continues to go up.

  daily plate I am using this free site to track my food.  It is incredible.  Check it out, I am just trying to track my food, activities, calories.  It's unbelievable and FREE! 

Well dinner is calling, so going to close for now...try and stay cool and will drop around to visit soon.

Hugs! Wave

PS.  Thanks to everyone that left me a little tip last post.  Your great!

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  1. morning Cindy. Thanks for stopping by yesterday and for the bd wishes. She had such a great day! :O)

    I am soooo going to check out that website. I love to get organised with absoultely everything. The best thing I have found for evening meals to to make a weekly food planner. Do it before you do your weekly shop, then you can make sure you buy all that you need, and, it helps save money as you don't buy things you don't want or need or won't use. My aim each week is to make sure that by Friday, my fridge is looking bare. If that happens, then I know I've bought the right amount and not wasted money! Also, doing things like making your own burgers is a good thing. All you need is minced beef, a little chopped onion and some parsley or other herb of your choice. Mix up (no need for any binding ingredient like egg), then mould into shape with your hands. If you bake them in the oven they hold their shape well and lots of oil comes out, which makes them healthier. You can even make them the night before, leave them in the fridge covered with plastic wrap, and you know they will be perfect when you get home from work. I share this with you to explain that sometimes we buy takeaway burgers because we think we don't have time to cook, but actually some things can be incredibly quick to do, if we plan ahead. An hour or so on a Sunday afternoon thinking quick and easy recipes, making up a folder of favourite every day meals, and a weekly food planner stuck to the front of the fridge all saves time!

    Have you visited the Flylady site?
    Flylady.com, she is inspirational. If you sign up you get about a million emails a day, which can be annoying, but I am finding it helpful again, and it reminds me that just a few minutes on my 'zones' each day helps keep things neat and tidy.

    Ok, I am rambling on so I had better go. I hope this helps you!

    Have a great weekend

  2. Hi Cindy. I'm glad you are feeling better. I have to say that eating better really does make a huge difference. I feel better than I have in years! I still love my eight hours of sleep, but during the day I don't feel tired the way I used to. Keep exercising when you can, too. It helps as well. I hope you have a fantastic weekend sweetie. Big hugs!

  3. Hi Cindy!! I am glad you are doing better! Yay!! Keep up the good work. The site sounds wonderful!! Have a great day!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  4. Hi Cindy! Long time no talk huh? I'm glad you feel better - I'm off to get some calcium for myself. I've had a week that I don't want to repeat - update on my blog. I'll be off work for a few weeks so I hope to get de-cluttered and a routine in place with menus and such. Thanks for the website - I'll definitely check it out.


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