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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Saturday

Hi ya'll.A little southern hello for you today. This morning I am sitting here sipping my coffee and wondering what I should get into today. My to do list is endless, but I am serching for the motivation to get up and get started. My living room is housing all my Christmas decorations ready to go to the garage for storage, but of course, Michael wants to organize the garage before he puts things back. Believe me it needs it. I am hoping that we can get that accomplished today as the weather man is calling for snow tomorrow, so I would love to get my car back in there before the snow comes. We shall see. It doesn't look promising. Other than working on that, I have several organizational items to accomplish. One of our primary concerns is getting a routine and schedule in place that will help the flow of this household more during the hectic work week. So I will work on some scheduling and planning while Michael is out in the garage.

As most of you know, I work a 40 hour work week plus I have a very long commute each day, making my work week long. Not to mention when I get home I am totally beat. For a while now I have been trying to find more energy, seems like I stay zapped. I miss the energy I have normally had. So seems my weekends are used to catch up since I don't do anything during the week. (Hence the need for the scheduling and orgainizational help of my HMB). All this leads me to a question. Is this normal? Is it age related? I have tried vitamins, supplements and medication over time, but nothing has really helped. I am just looking for some suggestions that might help improve this area of my life. Seems the more I pray about it, the more I notice how tired I am. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Update on my eyes....I am one week post op now and for the most parts, still no complaints. Although Thursday and Friday I had some major discomfort with blurriness, dry eyes, and headaches, but know that is part of the healing process. Just using more artifical tears to keep my eyes moist. I am finished with the medicated drops they gave me so now I have to rely on the wetting drops. I have my follow up appt on Wednesday. Just hoping when I go back they will tell me that everything is healing and the flap looks good.

Well ladies, I will scoot so I can get into action for the day. Hope you will have a blessed weekend. I will be around soon.

QUESTION: Does anyone know how to get rid of the border boxes around my images? My border html reads Border="0" . Is there somewhere else I need to change my html? Help!


  1. Good morning, Cindy! First I have to tell you that I SO loved your Wednesday post about your day out with Michael. My kind of day too...and you described it so perfectly...I could just FEEL your contentment in it. So fun. I wanted to say...if you ever have a favorite posts or popular posts list...I vote for that one. :) I am glad your eyes are mending and hope they continue to heal well. I need to get things going today too...been in a little slump this last week. About the borders around the pictures...it's nice when it's a photo, but annoying when it's a cute little graphic. Check in your HTML and do a search for each instance of img. I'm not sure exactly which one, but check for this part minus the brackets

    [.post img {
    border:1px solid #cde;]

    under the /* Posts part. Change your border to 0px and see if that does it. If it doesn't, try all the other instances of img for the border px. Have a great day, Cindy! xoxo

  2. Good Morning Cindy! I finally found the "right" blog for you - hee hee. Now I'm all up to date with you!

    I'm glad your Lasik went well but sorry to hear your eyes are so dry & sometimes painful. Did they not have you wear patches or something afterwards? I seem to remember when my boss had eye surgery that she had to wear patches for a couple days. I ope it's healing well for you when you go Wed for our checkup!

    About your energy question? I honestly don't think that women were meant to work full time jobs and work full time at home. It may be an age thing but most likely a burn out thing. You need time to re-energize... like a rechargeable battery - hee hee.

    We need to shovel out ... I mean reorganize our garage too. Best of luck to Michael for that today ;-) It's too cold here right now to worry about ours.

    Enjoy your weekend & I've not found your correct blog & saved the link so you'll see me here more often :-) Love ya xo

  3. Hey Cindy! I love your little graphic girls...where did you get them? I use this template too and have those boxes on my knitting blog...annoying. I'm going to try Pam's suggestion. :)

  4. Hi Cindy!! I am so sorry your work week is so long, that would be exhausting to me!!
    Have a nice restful weekend sweetie and I hope your eyes are doing much better!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  5. I don't see any boxes around your images, so maybe you've tried Pam's suggestion already - hope so, cos I have no advice on that part ;-)
    About the energy, I often feel the same these days and I don't even work outside the home, so I wonder if it's an age thing. To be honest though what comes to mind is - water! Are you drinking enough? I've read that we can feel very tired when our bodies aren't hydrated enough, and I know myself I am not drinking as much as I need to right now. Keep on taking the vitimins and eat healthy, but get that water in too. It's something I'm aiming to better at this week.
    Big hugs

  6. Hi Cindy! Glad you are enjoying your new eyes except for the occasional dryness. I'm sure that will pass soon. You may want to have your thyroid checked. The doctors I transcribe for usually run a thyroid check when patients are complaining of excessive fatigue. For me, exercising and drinking lots of water helps. ((BIG HUGS))

  7. Hi Cindy! Looks like you got your image problem resolved. That is good! As for feeling tired, I agree with what everyone else has said. First and foremost, make sure you eat plenty of healthy foods. Processed (junk) food will zap your energy because it makes your pancreas work hard--long explanation short, processed foods make your pancreas release insulin which helps shuttle away the sugar, but when it dumps into your blood stream, it stays there after the sugar is gone, thus the reason for the highs and lows most people experience throughout the day. Try to eat protein with carbs. That will help with the excess insulin. Also, eat lots of fresh foods--fruits and veggies as snacks. And continue to take your vitamins and "TRY" to get in some exercise. Even if it's a quick walk around your building on a break. Exercise actually energizes you and the endorphins that are released are a natural pain killer. And like Denise said, drink plenty of water. If these don't help, talk to your doctor as it might be a hormonal imbalance of some sort. And try to rest more on your days off. I know you have a lot to do, but sometimes you just need 'you' time. Don't feel guilty about that. Life is meant to be enjoyed from time to time.

    Have a great Sunday sweetie. Big hugs!!


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