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Sunday, January 6, 2008


Good Morning all. I decided before I get to caught up in the day to drop a little note. I have been up for awhile but haven't really gotten started with my day. I have done some light cleaning this morning, and I have gathered piles of Christmas decorations all over the house. Plan to get them in containers today. Once that is done, it will be easier to focus on the trees and ornaments. That is always such a big job for me as I have alot of ornaments that I keep in there original boxes, so it take a while. Hoping I can get the kids to help.

This morning I am having some discomfort with my eyes. They are extremely dry and I am using ALOT of tear drops. That seems to help but doesn't last very long. So I might find that I have to take plenty of rest today to just close my eyes and rest them. But the vision is still good, I am not complaining by any means, I know that the dry eyes is a process that I have to endure during the healing process.

Not alot going on with me today other than getting my house back in order. The temps are warmer than yesterday and I think by tomorrow they are suppose to be near 60 or so. I look forward to that.

Well Michael is ready to help me so guess I should get with it. Hope you all have a wonderful blessed Sunday.


  1. Hi Cindy!! Oh I hope your eyes feel better soon. I noticed my friend's eyes were blood shot for a few days, but she never said anything thing about anything else. I know she had to not do too much for a while also that would strain her eyes.
    Have a nice week!!

  2. Hi Cindy! I'm so glad to read things are good and it is very understandable how you felt before and during. It was fun to read how exciting the changes are for you! I had to giggle last night...I had never seen the Gilmore girls so Jack gave me the 7-season set for Christmas. When I was watching last night, I noticed Emily had Lasik. :) Thanks to you I knew what it was. :) wishing you a lovely day, Cindy! xoxo

  3. Hi Cindy!
    I am glad the Lasik went well and you are happy with it. Hope that dryness goes away soon.

    Take care sweetie and have a great day!


  4. Hi Cindy, congrats on the Lasik, I'm so glad everything went really well for you.
    I'm not actually looking for an eye cream, I've often used one but had gotten out of the habit over the holidays and the Olay one I had was just about out. I hate to admit it but I'm never very consistent with my skin care regime, but being a new year I wanted some new products and decided on the Olay because it's easy to get (I've been using Mary Kay stuff in the past but don't have a consultant now, and didn't want to find a new one).
    I've noticed more wrinkles over the past few months and need to start getting in to a daily habit of using the creams etc.
    Hope your day is going well.
    Hugs Denise

  5. Hi Cindy! Hope the dryness goes away soon and you can start really enjoying your new eyes! ((BIG HUGS))


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