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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Catching you up

Learning to say no to what you don't need really begins with learning to say yes to what you already have-Thomas Kinkade

Hi all...I can't believe it is now Wednesday where has this week gone already. This is actually only my second day back at work this week. I had to be off on Monday for court. I was subpoenaed to court for the accident that I was in back in July of last year. Although nothing really came out of the hearing (have to go back) it was a beautiful day and Michael and I spent the rest of the day together.

The temps were in the 70's so we spent the day wondering the streets of a old historic town. This little town is situated on a hill and all the shops line the street, so were still decorated with lights and Christmas trimmings. Some of the streets are cobblestone and most of the homes and shops are old stone buildings, dating back to the 1700's. It is simply beautiful. It is one of my favorite little towns in all of Maryland. Anyway, after court we stopped in a quaint little coffee shop nestled back away from everything. It was one of those places that you could just go into and have a lovely private conversation, read a book or paper or just gaze out the window. As we sat there we just enjoyed the atmosphere and the slower pace of life that seemed to embellish this little shop. It was so adorable, I told Michael I could see myself having a little shop like that. Granted I would have had to have books in it too, but with all the pastries and breads, and light fayre it would be heavenly. I think it would make going to work a pure joy.

Once we finished up our treats and coffee we headed to some of the shops, but my favorites are the two antique shops in town. They are huge and we just spent time roaming around them. Wasn't really looking for anything in particular, but if was fun just the same to just wander. Granted I did come away with a couple of books. One being a cookbook. (I collect those, but plan to organize them in the coming month)

Spending all this time walking and enjoying the warm weather outside had gotten our appetites going. My little muffin from the coffee shop was long gone. So we headed to another little quaint restaurant, called The Trolley Stop.

The food was OUTSTANDING. Definitely a must to go back to. You can see from it's menu it has a variety of foods, but the restaurant inside has a huge stone fireplace and it reminds you of a pub/tavern. It was one of the best days that we have had just hanging out in a long time. No schedules, time to wonder, and just enjoy one anothers company. Hopefully there are more of those in store in the coming months as spring approaches. Anyway, that was my Monday.....

Tuesday was getting back into the groove of things with work. And after a long two hour drive home from work, I was totally exhausted, between the drive and my eyes, it was time for a nap. Needless to say it was surprising when I woke up from my nap at 7:30. But that was okay, I needed the sleep, plus I had to go out to a meeting last night, so didn't get home to get into bed until almost 10:30. So the nap did me good.

Today and the rest of the week, I am going to try to organize my schedules for my HMB (Home Management Binder). Haven't had a lot of time to devote to that since I created it, but my goal is by the weekend to have it equipped with my schedules. You wouldn't believe my to-do list for this weekend.

I didn't have breakfast this AM...so of course, my stomach is growling and that is making me think about dinner. I am thinking that tonight might be a good night for Chicken Spaghetti. Mmmmm Yum, and oh so easy.

Gotta scoot, hope you have a blessed Wednesday


  1. Hi Cindy!
    Oh, what a wonderful day you and Michael had. It sounds fabulous! That is just the kind of thing Dan and I enjoy doing together. It is so relaxing and fun.

    Take care sweetie!


  2. Hi Cindy, I enjoyed reading your post. Glad to hear the lasik was a success. Your day with Michael is what Jr and I like to do too! Keep in touch and drop me a line. Hugs

  3. Hi Cindy! Wow...talk about a perfect day! You made me feel as if I was there, in the way you described it. It sounds like a place that I would love to visit. The little shop that you could see yourself owning - that is something I have thought about too. What fun to go there each day. Glad your lasik went great. I am tempted, but still too scared. Love ya Cindy! Keep in touch. Hugs!

  4. Hi Cindy! Rudy and I love little Historic towns like that and the pub/tavern sounds wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. ((BIG HUGS))

  5. Hi Cindy! Sounds like things are going great for you. So glad your surgery was a success. Your day with Michael sounds lovely. What beautiful weather! We had some nice days earlier this week but now it is colder and rainy--not that I'm complaining because I love the rain! I have the fireplace going and it is very cozy just listening to the rain fall outside. Have a wonderful end of the week. Big hugs!

  6. Hi Cindy, I enjoyed your post. It is fun to learn of historic towns. On the west coast we don't have as historic of towns as you can imagine. Glad you had such a great day out.

  7. Hi Cindy, just wanted to pop in and wish you a great weekend. Hope your eyes are getting better and the dryness is subsiding. Your day with Michael sounded lovely.
    Hugs Denise


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