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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I’m on a roll

and I am tired.  So much has got to get done today. We have a viewing for your house today.  I’m a bit scared, not sure why though, guess mainly because the house isn’t where I would want it to be.  So many little nit picky things that still have to be done as well as cleaning out our garage. Yesterday was spent all day outside.  There just isn’t enough hours in the day.

We took tree limbs from our yard as well as a neighbors  to the dump and stopped and picked up flowers for planting and mulch, Michael tilled our vegetable garden, mowed and edged the yard, and all kinds of other little jobs that needed attention outside.  We didn’t come inside last night until around 8 o’clock.  Talk about beat tired.  After showers we both just planted ourselves on the sofa and watched a movie.  I could barely keep my eyes open….I headed upstairs to bed to read and needless to say I didn’t get very far in my book and I was gone.  So gone to the world that I didn’t realize until this morning that Michael never came to bed.  He fell asleep in his comfy chair. 

This morning, I have got floors to vacuum, and mop, our bathroom to clean (it’s the only one that really gets used since the kids have moved out) and some other small jobs, Living room windows to clean, all the rest were done last weekend, but  I’m so sore from all the bending and stooping yesterday. Give me drugs!!!  LOL   Hoping to get through the morning and the house visit. 

This afternoon, my daughter will be coming over to cut and highlight my hair for my son’s wedding.  I can’t believe it is less that three weeks away.  Family will start arriving mid week the week of the wedding, so between now and then, LOTS still have to be done.  Still have to find shoes!!! 

So as you can see life is in full swing here.  Just wanted to say hello and wish you all a great SONDAY! 


Cin Sig


  1. Happy SONday Cindy!! I'm tired just reading about your day. :-) We are finishing up the wood flooring this morning. Well - take that back, if it's "WE", then why am I here??? ;-) I hear hammers & tools upstairs, but here I sit with the sounds I like - the light tapping of my keyboard. :-) Love you Cindy. Hoping to hear good news on your house. Hugs!

  2. Hope it was a good viewing today! I know you'll keep us posted :)

  3. Hi Cindy! Just wanted to stop in & wish you a wonderful week. Happy Anniversary too!! Sending big hugs!


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