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Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday Morning

Well we are off to another week….getting a bit closer to the big day around here.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit with my son and just share some time together.  Granted alot of it was talking wedding, and finalizing the lists (we have lots of them). But one thing that I have to do this week is contact the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.  They needed the final head count a week before, so my son had to go over that list to make sure every name was on it that needed to be.  My mind is so crammed full of “wedding jumble” that I am scared I am going to forget something.  Tonight is my future DIL bachelorette party, sue to her work schedule (she has a really strange schedule) it is being done tonight.  My son’s bachelor party is going to be Saturday night.  Yikes, guess that means it is getting close huh? Family will start arriving here next Wednesday.  Quite honestly, it will be a good thing for me when my mom arrives because I know I will slow down a bit and she will help keep me calm.  :) 

So many things I would like to get accomplished this week, just hope I can stay on task.  Last week, I fell short.  I can’t seem to stay focused.  I really don’t like when I get that way.  Thinking I need to just slow down and bit and get my priorities back in check.  One minute my mind is fluttering with the house and the sale of, and then the wedding, projects that still need to be done for instance, we are going to paint and recarpet the basement.  Yeah, you heard me right (call us crazy)….plus we are getting ready to put a new roof on the house.  Still have estimates out but they should be hopefully all be in today so we can make a decision. The weather for the next ten days isn’t great with lots of rain in the forecast, and our goal was to have the roof on before the wedding.  They seem to think they can get the job done in one day so my prayer is that we can get it done before then, if not, it will be after May 1. 

As you have read from my past post, our weather has turned cold again.  Actually not cold, cold, because it is the average temperatures for this time of year, but because we have been having such warm to hot days, it has thrown me for a loop.  Tons I want to do outside, but can’t stand the cold or the wind…so I’ve limited myself to the inside of the house.  Hubby has the yard looking so good.  Yesterday in the blustery cold air, he mulched ALL the flowerbeds, and put out new flowers as well as mowed the lawn.  It was a all day venture.  The yard looks great, but of course, I felt guilty for not helping him.  Our weather forecast for the next ten days don’t look all that great either. So not sure how much time I will actually be outside.  Good thing I didn’t put the turtlenecks and sweat shirts away yet. 

I’ve fallen behind too on working on my bible study.  Each time I sit down to do it, my mind wonders.  I MUST try to get through it today or tomorrow.  Normally I have been ahead of the game on this, but not this past week. 

Guess that is enough out of me for today, two post in one day, that is a first in awhile. I hope you will take a look at the vblog I posted below this. This video really touched my heart as this is been my life’s goal.  Speaking of goal’s, what is your life goal?

Be blessed!

Cin Sig


  1. Oh Cindy... you must have such a jumble of emotions running through you as well as the physical busyness. Can't imagine what it's like to see your child grow up and move onto the big step of marriage!

    I'm sure you'll get everything done and it will be just beautiful... all of it! Remember to give Jesus those anxious feelings and I'll be praying for clarity of mind and extra energy to get it all done! Can't wait to see the pics.

    I've been running too and am behind in my study too. I feel like I live on a perpetual treadmill these days - lol

    Love ya & am praying for the next couple weeks for you!

    Hugs xo

  2. Cindy...God KNOWS what you are doing and going through. If you don't actually sit and study, He realizes you are still doing and living for HIM and will be there for you.

    Do you write lists? I am a huge list writer...I write down everything I have to do especially if it's important because I can think of something, stand up to do it and forget it by the time I get there...LOL! Plus, it looks so 'accomplished' when I cross an item off..he-he!

    I got through my son's wedding almost three years ago. Hubby and I were fully dressed and there on time...and everything else came together just fine. I know that now it is easy for me to say, but Relax...all will be beautiful!


  3. Cindy, Wow - you have so much going on right now! I know you want everything to be perfect, & knowing you, it 'will' be perfect! Can't wait till your Mom gets there & 'calms' you. Mom's are good at that!

    I wish you could send me some of your colder weather. We have our ac on! Too warm too early.

    LOVE the vblog you shared! What a wonderful, wonderful lady! She is right on, & this has always been my heart's desire too - to keep a home, the children, & take the best possbible care I can of them. Thank you for sharing her with us Cindy. I must go check out her blog. Love you & sending big hugs!


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