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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Hi buddies, Can you believe it, another post for me...what is she going to talk about today? Ah, who knows. I have had a slow morning here at work and so thought I would work on a post. I know I should be working on some more training, but don't feel inspired to that....YET! I will....

DSC00021 This morning my mind has been busy working overtime, with all kinds of thoughts about home, family, spiritual, you name it. I feel my existence tugging on me in a million little directions. Now for me that can be a bad thing, but actually now, it's not, It's a good thing. I feel like I have my motivation back, which has been lacking for a while now. Over the course of the last several days (maybe week) I have been working on getting my perspective back to where it is/was suppose to be. For a while, I was just one tired soul. Since my new schedule, I am feeling more "normal" and rested. It is simply amazing what a difference and outlook you have when your body gets proper rest. My optimistic attitude had become more negative. Which is a trait I simply hate. I know that is a strong word, but it is so true for me. Do you realize how many people have negative attitudes and they don't even realize it? For me, I do realize when mine is like that. And I don't like it. And seems no matter what I was doing it wasn't getting better. Praise God, I don't feel that way anymore. For the most part, I am back to my happy little self with way to much going on. :) Oh well, I know it is temporary. Once our house projects are complete, things should settle down.

So did you all see my video that I posted last night? Isn't Chondra a funny lady? Just love her humor and the way she can laugh at herself. I have found another woman that I also enjoy, her name is Jeanne Robertson, see what you think!

Well, I am going to work on a little post for my homemaking site, so if you want to check it out...jump on over there.

Hope your having a blessed week.


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  1. Hey Sweetie! I'm SOOOO glad to read that you are feeling so much better and more "normal" again! It really tells you what stress can do to a girl ;-)

    I love the polka dots in here btw - I forgot to mention it yesterday!

    Enjoy your evening & don't forget to put your feet up & rest!

    Hugs xo


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