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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gettin ready

Just a short little note to get you caught up....things seem to be moving along and time is getting away from me.  Where does all the time go? 

Last week we closed on the house, so it is ours....however in the state of Kentucky(or at least here) you don't get your keys to your home at closing.....so we are still waiting.  I'm living among boxes at the moment in our duplex.  I'm hopeful that the sellers will be out of the house this weekend.  They are relocating to another area therefore they have been there since closing, working on their new home.  Movers are suppose to be at "our" house on Friday to move them out.  Hoping we can start moving some of our belongings this weekend.  Please say a little prayer.  I'm getting so anxious. Our goal is to be in by next weekend totally. 

We have our belongings stored in so many places.  Seasonal and yard are at my mom's and dads.  I know they will love getting their storage, garage and basement back.  :)  We have furniture and excess decorative junk pretties, stored in three offices at our office building and then we have the the duplex stuff....so as you can see we have things stored EVERYWHERE.  I will feel like a new person when I can corral all my "things" in one place. 

Yesterday I spent some down time working on "placement" list.  You know that list of where you want things to go....Then I worked on a fall decorating list....because it feels like eons since I have been able to decorate my home for the seasons....most likely with working full time and doing this move I am biting off more than I can chew but I will give it my best shot.  Hubby and I also have some list making going on for what needs to be done before we actually get into the house. As of now, he plans to rework my closet so that I can get more use out of it.  It hasn't been updated in probably NEVER.  I will have to get you some pictures of it.  Also I want him to rework my pantry.  Not sure if he will get to that before we move in but it is on the dreaded "to do" list.  His big plans are to add built in shelves to the garage.  Woo hoo...for all those seasonal crates.  :) These are just a few, believe me there are many more.   My hope is to share along the way. I hope you will join me.



  1. Hi Cindy! Thanks for checking in on me. I updated my blog this morning. Things have been hectic. Congrats on the new house! I think it's crazy that you don't get to take possession upon closing. Are the old owners at least paying you rent? Otherwise, I'd have to wonder what the point of transferring ownership is. Anyway, I will say a prayer that you get all moved in this weekend. Hang in there! Big hugs!!

  2. I'm another one who thinks it's crazy that you can't move in on your own time schedule once you officially own it. Half the fun of closing day is getting the keys handed to you.

    I have been here for a while this afternoon, reading and catching up with this blog, and I see so much that I have missed. I'm really happy for you about the new place (love that back porch and view!) It will definitely be nice to get to exercise your creative juices. I also read about you considering a name change for your blog. I have thought the same over the years for my own but never came up with a good one. I love the idea of starting kind of fresh with your whole new house and chapter in your life.

    I will be interested to see what you decide to do.

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