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Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Roundup


Good Morning all!  I can’t believe it’s Friday already and I haven’t even had a chance to really post since earlier in the week.  This has been a very busy week.  Lot’s on my plate that I have wanted or needed to do.  Finally making some headway.  My weekend may be busy with some shopping, so I think today will be spent reading some blogs, catching up on some reading, making some list, and some light housework.  That sounds like a full Friday. 

Well, Friday wouldn’t be Friday if I didn’t share with you some great home inspiration with you that I found during my blog visits this week.  Let me say, that I have appreciated the emails  and comments from everyone is regards to my Weekly roundup.  Believe me, when I say I just touch the surface of what is out there is blogland.   There are so many great post each day…but the ones that I share, are either something that has touched me, or inspired me, or is motivation me personally.

written lampshade

How cute is this lampshade.? I {heart} it!!!!  I want one!  How bout you? The inspiration for this lampshade is from PB. You can find more out about this Written Lampshade@ Marman Tattoo,  Can you believe she did this with Sharpies?  Now, where did I put my sharpies?  Hmm, guess I should put that on my to do list for today…FIND THEM!  I think there are some spare lampshades in the basement.  Weekend project?  Could be!

kitchen I have many passions but one is beautiful kitchens…when I saw this one, I knew I just had to share it with you.  Check  out this beautiful kitchen @ The Polished Pebble.  I love the freshness of the white and the accents she uses with all the old jars. 

Also, a wonderful little playground to try your hand at designing you own room online, check out  Design a room.leaning mirrors

If any of you are in the situation like I am in, where decorating walls isn’t a real option ( my house is going on the market next month and hubby doesn’t want to put a bunch of useless holes in the wall) This is a great alternative. Check out Leaning artwork @The Inspired Room.


magnetic board Of course my weekly roundup wouldn’t seem to be complete without another project from Traci and Beneath My Heart. Check out her   Magnetic Board Tutorial.  She gives you a great step by step instruction of how to make this wonderful magnetic board.  Of course when I saw this, I thought how wonderful this could be in a kids room for all there “little notes” , etc.  Not to mention you could decorate this to match their style or room decor.  Endless possibilities.  Plus this would awesome to make for your office area, because if you are like me, I always have little pieces of paper just lying around that I need to.  Places to remember to call, appts. that I need to keep, My blog schedule and list of posting, etc.  Thinking I will have to make one of these for myself and my office.

Well that about does it for me and my roundup for this week.  Please feel free to share with me some projects or sites that you love.  I love scouring new blogs and making new friends.

Have a blessed Friday everyone.


Cin Sig

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  1. Hi Cindy! I love your blog makeover especially your header with your family! So cute! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for keeping my dad in your prayers! Love you!


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