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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Roatan, Mexico

 20100102_354 Wow!  Boy did we have fun here….Michael  and I disembarked the ship that morning after a having a big breakfast with the family.  Originally we wanted to rent a moped to see the island but by the time we got to the rentals they were all gone, so we elected to get a driver to take us over the island.  Below you will see some of the beautiful countryside. I love this view of this little church nestled in the hills. 


When we stopped to have lunch that day, this was the view that we had.  To the right (even though you can’t see it) people were lounging around on the cliff and going into the water to snorkel. 


The infinity pool at the the resort.  The was breathtaking.  You can’t see where the pool stops and the ocean starts. 


The beach down from the infinity pool.




These pictures don’t do the island justice, it was so pretty there and the water was so blue and clear.  You could see through it. 

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  1. wow what a great place, I'm sure the cruise was wonderful & it was great to read more about it after reading your posts on Facebook. Hugs


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