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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time is running out

Oh my, time is really getting away from me.  Sorry it has been a bit since my last post, but seems like when I have time to post, I don't really have anything to share.  This past weekend, should have been a busy weekend for me, but I wasn't feeling all that well. So I let some things slide.  Which isn't a good thing since my parents will be coming in from Kentucky tomorrow.

On Saturday, the weather was gloomy and rainy and so I stayed in my jammies most of the day.  For some odd reason my whole body ached, and I had chills and then I would get hot.  Go figure!  Anyway, I just kinda was lazy that day.  But I knew I had tons I needed to do on Sunday so I woke up rarin to go.  My handy little list in hand and I was ready, until Michael mentioned going out for breakfast.  I love eating breakfast out.  So off we went. Seems afterwards  I went downhill.  I think it was the eggs at breakfast that made me sick.  I spent the rest of the day sick to my stomach.  (Recently I found out that I have a allergic reaction to eggs and therefore I order and eat Egg Beaters) However I am thinking my order got mixed up and I ended up eating eggs, but believe me I paid the price.  Even though we still had to do errands we were quick about it so that I could get back home.  The day turned out to be a perfect fall day and even though I didn't get alot done, Michael got the yard work done and trimmed all the bushes, and cut back flowers and got everything winterized.  Thankful that is done.

Back to work I went yesterday and trying to get back into my routine.  Although this is a short week for me.  I plan to take Friday off so that I can spend it with my parents as well as go to Tori's football game.  Friday night is senior night, and her school does a big thing for the seniors so that is one of the reasons for my parents visit. Unfortunately they have never gotten to see her cheer (live) in high school so this will be a first.

I think Saturday we are going to head to Amish country, Lancaster Pa..  My mother and I love it up there and it is great this time of year.  I can't wait.  It will be perfect if it isn't rainy.  I can handle the cold, but not if it is wet on top of it.   Karen at My Colonial Home did some great posts on Lancaster on her recent trip. Take a look at all her pictures and you'll have a idea of what we are in for.  Not to mention, spend some time just looking around her lovely blog.

On Sunday since my boys will over visiting with my parents, I plan to make a nice dinner.  This isn't the norm anymore now that the boys have grown up and aren't living at home.  Boy do I miss that time of sitting down at the table all together as a family.  So this will be a nice treat for me to savor.  Granted, I know that football is going to be in on the day too.

On Monday I will be back at work and my parents will be on the way home again.  So this is going to be a short trip for us all, but one that I look forward too.  This is a brief summary of the days ahead, but I wanted you to know why I am not around.  I will be back first part of next week if everything goes okay.  (By that I mean, I haven't gone out of town) Every day Michael and I keep waiting on news of his mother.  She is terminally ill and we know that we don't have much more time.  At the moment, we have tickets to fly out to Texas in a couple of weeks to visit and help out the family.  Just don't know if we will have to go before that.  So basically letting you know that I will get back when I can.

Have a wonderful Halloween. 


  1. I hope you are feeling a lot better and have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Cindy!! It sounds like you are busy as always. I hope you enjoyed Amish country!! Have a nice weekend. ((BIG HUGS))!!

  3. I've never been to Amish country, please share a bit about your visit there if you made it on Saturday.

    Hope you had a great time, and many sweet blessings!


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