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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Getting Organized

Welcome everybody. Hope this finds you having a good weekend. Mine has been busy with errands but I have been getting things done around this house...which was in a big need. Since early spring, I have been letting things slide because of getting things ready for the wedding....now that that is over, he and I are settling into our lives as man and wife. Woo Hoo! So much is going on around here it hasn't been boring.

Well guys, I have been fighting something. Not sure what. It all started on Friday. I woke up with a sore throat and it continued into the morning getting worse. By the time I had been at work about a hour, my ear was ringing and my jaw was aching. I got the fear that I was coming down with the flu as everyone in my office has had it this year. Which wouldn't have been a good thing because Michael and I are heading to Houston this weekend for Mothers Day to spend with his mom (and they have basically confined her to the house, because they don't want her around people because of her immune system). Anyhow, I left work after being there 2 1/2 hours. When I got home, I came in and took some pain meds for my aching jaw and arm (another story) and took some thera-flu and grabbed the heating pad for my ear and went to bed, I spent the entire day in bed. All I can say, is that while I am taking meds, I feel okay but definitely can tell when it is wearing off, because the sore throat comes back as well as the ear ache. So not sure what it is. Sinus', Ear Infection, ? What? Needless to say, I am living off of medication this weekend...but I have so much that I want to do in this house, and I know with the upcoming work week and then being away over the upcoming weekend, I have to get these things accomplished.

Now about my arm....several weeks back, not sure when...I must have hit my left elbow or pulled a muscle or something, since then I haven't had much use in my left arm. Sometimes it pains me just to lift a glass, or my little tiny purse. Not sure what I did to it, if I chipped a bone, or pulled a musle or what. In order to sleep most nights, I have to take motrin or something to sleep. So basically what I am saying....I got married and now I am falling apart. Michael has been teasing me about it. He tells me how I am younger than he is and shouldn't be having these problems.

Rememeber several months back, I wanted my computer moved upstairs so that I would have it more accessible to me, Michael is finally moving it for me today. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. I will now have my computer with all my information at my fingertips. Hoping over time to get my recipes and homemaking tips all in one place and organized as well.
In the meantime, Michael has quit his job and will be starting another one in a week or so. So he is trying to get things caught up at home for me. He has been spending lots of time in the yard and he has it looking so good. He finally got in the garage and did some sorting and cleaning....it's not done yet, because we have things to take to goodwill and the dump . Plus he has the furniture from his old office in the garage, but it will go back to his new office when he moves. It's amazing how better you feel when you feel like you are making some headway. Granted we still have a list but we are working on getting it down. Over the last several weeks we have bought quite a few annuals that need to be planted...so I might try to work on that this afternoon. If not, then hopefully we can get that done tomorrow. We didn't want to do it before now, because we got down into the thirties several nights last week. We just want to be out of danger of frost.

Our weather has been so crazy here. Friday it was simply a gorgeous day....wish I could have enjoyed it, but like I said, I was in bed...but Michael did...he mowed the lawn twice. Had too because of the rain over the past week and the grass has grown so fast. Since we got back from Cancun he has mowed the lawn 6 times. Twice each time he has mowed. Not sure what the weather is suppose to be this week, but I know it will be hot in Houston, and I am looking forward to some constant warm weather. Maybe I will actually get more of a tan. Although when we were in Cancun, we didn't get alot of time at the beach, because we did alot of touring.
Well guys, I guess I should get at it. I have things to do and I am wanting to get some reading and bible study in today. Hope your having a blessed week and if you think about it, please pray for my ailments. Thanks!


  1. Hi Cindy, sorry to hear you're feeling so unwell, but at least it wasn't just before (or during ) the wedding/honeymoon! Hope you feel better pretty soon. Do you think you should get your arm looked at or x-rayed? Doesn't sound right not being able to use it much. I hope you have a better week and have a fun trip to Houston, the weather here is glorious right now :)

  2. Hi Cindy, so sorry you're not feeling well. maybe you need to see the doctor. I know the feeling that you are falling apart, lol. I've felt that way for several years now. I hope you get well enough to visit Michael's mom. You should see about your arm too. I'll keep you in my prayers. Love and ~hugs~

  3. Hi Cindy, Sorry to hear you have been sick. Maybe you need to see your Dr. I will be praying for you.

  4. Mrs. Bazzy - I have just gotten caught up with you, & wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us! The pictures were wonderful, & you were such a beautiful bride! I pray God's richest blessings on your new life with your husband.

    I prayed for you, as I read about your "falling apart". Hey girl - you just began a new life - NO FALLING APART ALLOWED! :-) I hope you feel better soon Cindy, & that you get to go & enjoy being with Michael's Mom.

    Have a blessed week. Big hugs!

  5. Hi Cindy, are you still using the aol email address? Did you get the email I sent you?
    Not sure if you have a new email. I can't see a link on my blog.
    Can you email me at denise@deniseschulz.com if you have changed it :-)

  6. Hi Cindy! I hope you are feeling better today. I can totally relate to falling apart, LOL. Since I started working out last September I've had more issues than I've had in my life--everything from tendinitis to kidney stones! I think I have permanent tendinitis in my right arm and I have perpetual bruises on my legs. But I feel better than I have in years, so it's worth it. Take care of yourself sweetie. Big hugs!


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